Workshop with Benjamin Bagby

| July 7-8

Iherusalem, Iherusalem: Songs for and about medieval Crusaders

Benjamin Bagby

troubadour with fiddleThe Crusades have left a huge imprint upon history and legend, but it is surprising how little music has survived from those cruel military expeditions venturing so far outside Central Europe. The pieces which we can reconstruct today point to the passion of the crusading ideal, and to the religious and political figures who were the main actors. From the countless victims, we hear mostly from those left behind: aristocratic women doomed to years of loneliness and captivity, without news or consolation.

The course, designed principally for singers, will feature vocal works from the repertoires of Latin conductus (monophonic and polyphonic) as well as solo song from sources in Old French (trouvères), Old Occitan (trobadors) and Middle High German (Minnesang). Instrumental participation is possible on a limited basis.

Languages: English, French, German

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