Spring 2023


Courses on Notation, Repertoire & Performance, and History

  Credit Fee
Modal Notation (Notation I)   320€
Mensural and Franconian Notation (Notation II)   320€
The Earliest Medieval Music Notations (850-1200)
Melodic Ornamentation   320€
Melodic Improvisation    320€
The Cantigas of Santa Maria of Alfonso X: Context, Notation, Performance   320€
The Trouvère Chanson and its Performance   320€
The Estampies and Danses Royales of the Manuscript du Roi   320€
The Art of the Troubadour Song   320€
The Monophonic Repertoires of Medieval Paris   320€
Medieval Music History and its Performance I (850-1150)   320€
Medieval Music History and its Performance II (1150-1300)   320€
Medieval Music Iconography   320€
Research Techniques and Applied Musicology   430€


Voice & Instruments

  Credit Fee
Medieval Singing I (Beginner): Carmina Burana – An Entry into Medieval Monophonic Song   360€
Medieval Singing II (Intermediate): Hildegard von Bingen: The Voice of Divine Inspiration   360€
Medieval Singing III (Advanced): Dit du chancelier Philippe – A Story of Notre Dame’s most Glorious Chancellor   360€
Vielle I: Basic Technique, Repertoires and Performance Practice   360€
Vielle II  (Intermediate): The Vielle in the Trouvère and Parisian Clerical Repertoires   360€
Vielle III (Advanced): The Vielle and Jerome of Moravia   360€
The Citole/Gittern I: Basic Technique and Repertoire
Citole/Gittern/Psaltery II (Intermediate): Secular and Religious Songs and Dances   360€
Citole/Gittern/Psaltery III (Advanced): The Clerical Music Repertoire   360€
Medieval Harp I: Basic Technique and Repertoires   360€
Medieval Harp II: The Harp in 13th-Century France   360€
Medieval Harp III: The Harp and Anglo-Norman Repertoire   360€
Bagpipe/Pipe & Tabor II (Intermediate): A grant piperie – Dance Music for Wind Instruments   360€
Bagpipe/Pipe & Tabor III (Advanced): Et toute la mestrie – Expanded Repertoire and Technique for Wind Instruments   360€
Frame Drums I (Beginner): Basic Technique & Repertoires   360€
Frame Drums II (Intermediate): Rhythmic Accompaniment, Ornamentation, and Improvisation   360€
Frame Drums III (Advanced): Accompanying Dance and Women’s Song Repertoires   360€
Portative Organ I (Beginner): Discovering the Portative Organ: Basics of Playing   360€
Portative Organ II (Intermediate): Towards expressivity and flexibility   360€
Portative Organ III (Advanced): Organ Performance Practice in the Medieval Clerical Universe   360€


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The International Course of Medieval Music Besalú offers singers and instrumentalists the possibility of studying the repertoires of monodic and polyphonic music composed between the 11th and 13th centuries.

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