Instrument Making Workshop II

Making a Medieval Square Frame Drum (Adufe)

July 12-13, 2020

In the town of Besalú

Instrument Making

Course Details

Medieval Square Frame Drum Making (Adufe)

Faculty: Pedro Manceras & Dr. Mauricio Molina

The Adufe, or medieval square tambourine, was one of the most popular percussion instruments of the Middle Ages. It was held and played with the two hands at a chest or head level by male and female musicians and used to accompany songs, dances, and instrumental compositions. The instrument is composed of a square frame of wood with parchment stretched on both sides of body. Despite of its simple design it is a beautiful, versatile, and powerful instrument that can be used for rhythmic accompaniment in the modern renditions of medieval repertoires.


Participants will build a medieval adufe guided by the master percussion luthier Pere Caseras and learn to play it with the specialist on medieval frame drums Mauricio Molina.


All materials and tools will be provided.


Students will keep the instrument that they make during the workshop. (These instruments can be used if the participants also want to take the Manuscript to Performance or the Voices & Instruments courses.)


The last hour and a half of the course will be dedicated to learn its playing techniques.



In the town of Besalú

Dates & Duration

July 11-12, 2020
13.5 hours


for the construction of 1 instrument (adufe)
Reservation deposit required (non-refundable): 80€



English / Spanish


No experience building musical instruments is necessary

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