Option 5

Musical Instrument Making Workshop

July 1-31, 2020


Course Details

Musical Instrument Making Workshop

Instructor: Asier de Benito

This online workshop gives you the possibility of building in your own workshop or home one of the instruments offered in the course. The options are a 12-string Romanesque harp, 4-string Guittern, or 3-string Vielle. The pre-cut parts of the instrument will be sent to the participant and the instructor will guide the assembly of the instrument through series of video lessons (both recorded and live) run throughout the month of July 2020.

At the end of the course the participants will:

    • Learn to work with wood and construct a musical instrument of his/her choice
    • Understand the most important principals of instrument construction which will in turn help to conduct their own repairs and further construction.
    • Own a new instrument

Since the parts of the instrument have to be sent to the participant, registration should be done far in advance to allow for the instrument parts to be sent and received.

Shipping cost will be covered by the participant (ask for information about the amount).



This course will run through the month of July 2020. Time for video conferences will be agreed with the instructor.



Students will receive a certificate from the University of Lleida specifying the amount of hours conducted in the course. The number of hours is calculated based on the time that the student will spend in the actual online classes and doing work by themselves. For this specific course the total of hours is 18.



Teaching Methodology

Pre-cut parts


Pre-drilled sections


Video lessons and tutorials


Downloadable resources


Instructors Assistance

    • Some basic tools like a rule, a pencil, a fine rasp or a file, masking tape, and sandpaper of different grits (80, 120, 240).
    • Beeswax or linseed oil for the finish
    • Broadband Internet connection
    • External or internal webcam
    • External or internal Microphone
    • Speakers or headphones




Dates & Duration

July 1-31, 2020


for the construction of 1 instrument plus Shipping Costs
Reservation deposit required (non-refundable): 500€



English / Spanish


No experience building musical instruments is necessary

Register for 2020

Places are limited for each section, so sign up early.

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