Programs 2019


The 8th International Course on Medieval Music Performance (2019) offers programs and specialized workshops and sessions highlighting repertoire composed between 1100 and 1400. 




Manuscript to Performance: Instruments, Song Accompaniment, and Extant Instrumental Music

July 8-12 , 2019

A multidisciplinary study of musical instruments and their performance practice including voice accompaniment, instrumental music performance, ornamentation, musical functions, and symbolic meaning.

Voices & Instruments: De instrumentis medii aevi - Performing with Strings, Winds, and Percussion

July 15-20, 2019

Musical instrument lessons, hands-on performance of extant instrumental music, singing to the accompaniment of musical instrument, expanding the medieval instrumental repertoire from vocal models. The study on performance is accompanied by music theory classes, specialization on medieval musical instruments, detailed work with historical tuning (Pythagorean), and development of ensemble playing techniques. Open to singers and instrumentalists.
Citole / Guittern / Romanesque and Gothic Lutes
Psaltery / Rotta
Portative Organ
Bagpipes / Pipe and Tabor / Albogues (Horn Pipes) / Frestel
Frame drums and percussion


Workshops & Special Sessions


Medieval Singing Workshop with Benjamin Bagby: The Troubadours in Northern Italy

July 6-8, 2019

Study and performance of troubadour songs contained in manuscript G (Milan, Bibl. Ambrosiana R71 sup.). Open to advanced singers and instrumentalists.

Medieval Singing Workshop with Katarina Livljanić: The Art of the Medieval Cantor: Chant and Early Polyphony (9-11th c.)

July 13-15, 2019

Study of virtuoso liturgical chant for soloists and a group of singers (chant, tropes, early polyphony). Open to advanced singers.



Estampies Royales

July 6-7, 2019

Study and performance of the French Instrumental Compositions (estampies, ductias) contained in the Manuscrit du Roi (13th century). Open to instrumentalists.

Istampitte and Saltarelli

July 13-14, 2019

Study and performance of the Italian instrumental pieces from the Ms London, B. L. Add 29987 (14th century). Open to instrumentalists.



Musical Instrument Workshop I: Guittern and Romanesque Vielle

July 6-8, 2019

Construction of a guittern (Gothic) or a 3-string Romanesque vielle guided by the master luthier Asier de Benito.

Musical Instrument Workshop II: Psaltery, Romanesque Lute, Romanesque Vielle

July 13-15, 2019

Construction of Romanesque Psaltery, Lute, or Vielle guided by the master luthier Gonzalo Pieters.




Chamber Music Sessions

July 16-20, 2018

Designed to give students the opportunity to work in detail with small groups of mixed voices and instruments. Taken as part of the Voices & Instruments Course.