The 2020 Course will be conducted in two different towns.

The first half in the medieval village of Besalú and the second half at the university of Lleida, one of the oldest universities of Spain.

In the town of Besalú

July 10-17, 2020

During the course, Besalú is turned into a “medieval music campus,” where almost every Medieval building in town is used for the study of Medieval music.

Besalú is one of the most important and best-preserved medieval towns of Catalonia (Spain). It was already important during the 10th century as the capital of an independent county. In 1966, it was declared a “National Historic-Artistic Ensemble” due to its high medieval architectural significance. Strolling through the medieval streets and squares, we find the monumental Romanesque churches of Sant Pere and Sant Vicenç, the Romanesque hospital of Sant Julià, a majestic bridge with two defensive towers that was built over the river Fluvià during the same period, the Jewish quarter and its miqveh or jewish ritual bath, the Gothic Palace of the Royal Curia with is wide hall, and a series of medieval secular buildings spread out through the different neighborhoods. All these different patrimonial elements make the village a truly ideal place to conduct the International Course on Medieval Music Performance.

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At the University of Lleida

July 20-27, 2020

In the oldest university of Catalunya and in a small city with great medieval landmarks

Lleida is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia, with recorded settlements dating back to the Bronze Age period. Until the Roman conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, the area served as a settlement for an Iberian people, the Ilergetes. The town became a municipality, named Ilerda, under the reign of Augustus. It was reconquered in 1149, after being ruled by the Moors for many centuries, who had conquered the town in the 8th century. In 1297, the University of Lleida was founded, becoming the third oldest in the whole of Spain.

The Course will be held at the RECTORAR building of the University of Lleida (third floor).

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