Covid-19 and MMB

Measures for Dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic and Mobility Restrictions

We at MMB trust that the measures taken by the governments of Spain and Catalonia to control the Coronavirus crisis will soon produce the expected results. In any case we have not only developed a policy for refunding registered students in case of cancellation, but we are also contemplating different scenarios to guarantee that our 2020 Course (The Music of Medieval Paris, 1100-1350) comes to realization under any circumstances.


Cancellation Policy

The down payment or full payment will be returned to the participant under the following circumstances:

  1. If MMB has to cancel the Course in its entirety due to restrictions applied by Spain or Catalonia or by any international health authorities in relation to the pandemic during the month of July.

  2. If the country where the participant comes from applies restrictions about visiting Spain or Catalonia during the month of July due to the Coronavirus.

  3. If some borders are still closed in Europe and your particular teachers cannot come to Spain in July.

The amount refunded will include the portion that has already been sent to us (after fees were applied by the participant’s bank or Paypal). MMB will not cover any fees applied by the participant’s bank upon receiving the bank money. However, we will cover the fee charged by the entity on our side.


Alternate Solutions For Running the Course in Case of Mobility Restrictions

We are presently contemplating different scenarios to guarantee that our 2020 Course (The Music of Medieval Paris, 1100-1350) and the Besalú experience will not only materialize but also reach participants wherever they may be in July. We are truly committed to our program and to our students! We will keep everyone updated about this subject through our social media and email.

Of course, students who have already registered but who will not find our alternative solutions possible for them or suitable will be able to cancel and get the full refund mentioned in our refund policy section.


Recommendations: Travel and Lodging Reservations for the Course (Including Student’s Lodging in Lleida)

MMB recommends that participants insure any type of reservations (flights, hotels) in case of cancellation. The Course will not be responsible for reservations conducted outside of the course.

Money advanced for a reservation in the Students Lodging in Lleida will be fully returned in case of cancellation.

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