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The International Course on Medieval Music Performance of Besalú (MMB) offers singers, instrumentalists, musicologists, philologists, and medievalists the possibility of conducting an in-depth and completely practical study of medieval music and its performance (9th-13th centuries). A variety of courses on medieval music history, notations, research techniques, repertoires, performance practice, musical iconography, medieval singing, and musical instruments are available throughout the year in an online format and in presential form during the month of July in the medieval village of Besalú (Catalonia-Spain). We also offer a full online “University Specialist Certificate on Medieval Music Research and Performance” in partnership with the University of Lleida. This certificate comprises core and elective courses equivalent to 15.5 ECTS credits. 

Online Courses and Program

The MMB Online Courses were created to fulfil the need for an in-depth and completely practical medieval music study program that could be taken at any time and from anywhere in the world. To ensure the highest degree of quality, MMB courses are taught by an outstanding group of committed pedagogues who are experts in the field of medieval music and its performance. The subjects of the courses include history of medieval music, medieval music notations, repertoires and genres, improvisation, ornamentation, research techniques, applied musicology, musical iconography, and medieval singing and musical instruments techniques and practices studied within specific contexts and styles.

Every course is composed of a perfect mix of video tutorials, pre-recorded lectures, downloadable materials, internet sources and databases, and live sessions that are accessible though a state-of-the art and easy-to-use e-learning platform.

In every course students will:


Explore theoretical and practical information based on an in-depth study of medieval and modern musicological data


Survey and work directly from medieval music sources


Consider and discuss the performance possibilities of every repertoire


Acquire tools for critical thinking that will allow for the creation of their own historically-informed performance theories


Survey different medieval systems of thought

As part of its online program, MMB also offers the possibility of combining courses to earn a “University Specialist Certificate in Medieval Music Research and Performance” trough the Continuous Education Study Program of the University of Lleida.

Our On-Site Program

The International Course on Medieval Music Performance offers specialized workshops and sessions highlighting repertoire composed primarily between 1100 and 1350. The course masterfully combines rigorous musicological, philological, and historical research with a vibrant reconstruction of performance practice. The main objectives are:


The study of different repertoires composed between 1100 and 1350.


A philological and historical study of the sources.  


The placement of the repertoires in the cultural and political life of the period, and an exploration of their creators and audience.


The interpretation of the different music notational systems that record the repertoires.


The study of a historically-informed ways of singing and playing musical instruments that are appropriate for different repertoires. This includes vocal production, articulation, diction, tuning, and ornamentation.


The development of ensemble techniques appropriate to the performance of each repertoire.


The production of a concert for the closing of the course (Voices & Instruments Course).

About Us

Our Story

The International Course on Medieval Music Performance first launched in 2012, then under the auspices of Early Music Besalú. We officially changed to Medieval Music Besalú in our fifth year to precisely reflect the focus of the course. The program has grown, increasing courses and workshops, specialized faculty, and offering more concerts to the town of Besalú and the Medieval music community. In 2019, the course became part of the official summer course of the University of Lleida. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the course was delivered online. Given the interest in and success of this format, MMB has opened virtual courses throughout the year. In 2021, the program started to offer credit courses and a university specialization certificate in partnership with the University of Lleida and is planning to offer more university possibilities in the near future.


What Our Students Say

This was the best summer course I did so far. It is very complete, well structured, all teachers have the highest quality and the ambience is always constructive and friendly. I truly recommend this course to everyone that is passionate about medieval music and to curious that want to learn more.

Jorge Luís Castro

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The International Course of Medieval Music Besalú offers singers and instrumentalists the possibility of studying the repertoires of monodic and polyphonic music composed between the 11th and 13th centuries.

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