July 2018 – Outremer

Clerics, Troubadours, Trouverès and the Crusades (11th-13th centuries)

Courses and workshops designed to immerse you in the world of medieval music performance


Workshop with Benjamin Bagby (July 7-8)
Manuscript to Performance (July 10-14)
Musical Pilgrimage Hike (July 15)
Voices & Instruments (July 15-20)
Musicorum Concio (July 21-22)

Besalú in July:
The Medieval Music Campus

Making music in one of the most beautiful and well-preserved medieval villages in Catalonia (Spain)

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Clerics, Troubadours, Trouvères and the Crusades 

In 2018, the Medieval Music Course of Besalú focuses on music connected to the crusades (11th-13th centuries). In its different music courses and workshops the participants will explore the context, composition, and performance of music composed to promote the sacred duty of the crusades, to capture the yearning for the Holy Land, to record the departure of lovers to Outremer, and to censure the whole enterprise. The courses and workshops can be taken individually or combined.

Manuscript to Performance
Materializing the Crusade Song

Peter the Hermit(July 10-14)
A multidisciplinary study of the crusade song repertoire: history, poetry, art, and religion applied to the reconstruction of performance.

Voices & Instruments
Chevalier, mult estes guariz

Knight jongleurs(July 15-20)
Hands-on performance of clerical and troubadour-trouvère crusader song repertoires. Study of historical vocal techniques, musical instruments, tuning (Pythagorean), and ensemble playing.

Workshop with Benjamin Bagby
Songs for and about Medieval Crusaders

Troubadour with fiddle(July 7-8)
Performance of Latin, French, Occitan, and High German crusader songs. Open to singers, and bowed and plucked string instrument players (max 12 students).

Musicorum Concio
Conductus and rondellus from the Ms. Pluteo 29

Boethius instruments(July 21-22)
Ensemble class for advanced singers and instrumentalists. Work on the most demanding repertoires of the period. Experience and audition required (max 10 participants).

Musical Pilgrimage
Hike to the Romanesque Churches of Palera

Palera - medieval music course(July 15)
A short hike to the 11th-century churches of Santa Maria and the Monastery of Sant Sepulcre de Palera, and performance of crusader songs within the temples.

Winter Course at Montpellier (CIMM) 
Recovering the oldest Occitan songs

Sequentiary Aquitaine(February 17-24, 2018)
Reconstruction of pre-troubadour songs and their performance directly from the original sources. Focused on the poetic, rhetorical, and musical style of the period. 

Medieval Music Besalú: An Immersion Course on Medieval Music Performance in a Medieval Town Setting.

The medieval town of Besalú from the air.

Voices & Instruments Course.


Manuscript to Performance course.

Faculty Besalú (Magister Petrus), Flavit Auster flatu Levi.

What students say about the course.


Highlights from the 2014 course.

Interviews and performances from the 2013 International Course on Medieval Music Performance in Besalú.


Medieval Music Course of Besalú: Interviews and performances on JLTV (Los Angeles).




Dr. Mauricio Molina

Dr. Mauricio Molina Course director, Music theory, Medieval Ensemble, Frame Drums, Manuscript to Performance

Dr. Mauricio Molina is a historical musicologist and ...

Cristina Alís Raurich

Cristina Alís Raurich Assistant Director, Portative organ, Manuscript to Performance, Pythagorean Tuning

After receiving the master diplomas on piano, medieval ...

Juan Carlos Asensio Palacios

Juan Carlos Asensio Palacios Manuscript to Performance

Juan Carlos Asensio Palacios studied Chant and ...

Benjamin Bagby

Benjamin Bagby Special workshop: Iherusalem, Iherusalem

Trained as a vocalist and harper, Benjamin Bagby is the ...

Dr. Meritxell Martín i Pardo

Dr. Meritxell Martín i Pardo Manuscript to Performance

Meritxell Martín i Pardo studied Philosophy at the ...

José Pizarro

José Pizarro Voice, Officium in mane

José Pizarro is considered at the present one of the ...

Lorena García

Lorena García Voice

The soprano and researcher Lorena García studied ...

Alejandro Hernández

Alejandro Hernández Vielle, rebec

Alejandro Tonatiuh Hernandez studied modern violin at ...

Martí Beltrán

Martí Beltrán Citole, Guitern, Psaltery, Pilgrimage Hike Lecturer

Martí Beltrán is an early music performer, ...

Claire Piganiol

Claire Piganiol Harp

Claire Piganiol is a harp player who specializes in ...

Raúl Lacilla

Raúl Lacilla Bagpipes, Frestel (Medieval Panpipe), Online Library

Raúl Lacilla Crespo is a virtuoso bagpipe player with ...

Octavio Beltrán

Octavio Beltrán Coordination, assistant of the percussion program

Octavio Beltrán studied composition at the ...