Online Fall Course 2020

Medieval Music from Northern France:

Trouvères, Estampies, Danses, and Franconian Notation

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In the Fall of 2020 the International Course of Medieval Music Performance of Besalú will offer and in-depth exploration of the trouvère chanson and its performance practice, the creation of a performance edition of all the instrumental pieces (estampies, danses) contained in the Manuscrit du Roi, and a thorough hands-on study of Franconian notation.

The Trouvère Chanson and its Performance

This online course offers a comprehensive study of the trouvére chanson focusing on an examination of its principal composers and musical sources, its main poetic-musical structures and genres, its historical and cultural context, and its performance practice (vocality, rhetoric, rhythm, ornamentation, and instrumental accompaniment).


The Instrumental Estampies and Danses of the Manuscrit du Roi 

This online course offers an in-depth study and the creation of a full performance edition of all the instrumental pieces that are contained in the French 13th-century manuscript known as le Manuscrit du Roi (Paris BN fonds français 844). The Franconian Notation course is recommended in conjunction with this course. 


Franconian Notation

This online course offers a practical study of Franconian notation through a series of steps that comprise the examination of the system as explained in music treatises, its application to actual monophonic and polyphonic compositions, the transcription of medieval pieces, and the sight-reading / performance of different compositions directly from the original sources.


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