Paris 1100-1350

Secular and Sacred Music from the most vibrant and sophisticated city of the Middle Ages

Now on two medieval campuses:
July 10-17 in the town of Besalú

One of the most beautiful and well-preserved medieval villages in Catalonia, Spain


Now on two medieval campuses:
July 20-27 at the University of Lleida

In the oldest university of Catalunya and in a small city with great medieval landmarks

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In the town
of Besalú

July 10-17, 2020

Manuscript to Performance Course

Materializing the Medieval Parisian Repertoires

(July 13-17 / 30 hours)
Musicology applied to performance. The study of monophonic and polyphonic Parisian repertoires, vocal and instrumental improvisation in Parisian style, the use of instruments and the voice in medieval Paris.

Medieval Singing Workshop

The Art of the Medieval Sequence with Katarina Livljanić

(July 10-12 / 15 hours)
Study of the medieval sequence repertoire. From the 9th-century compositions of Notker of St. Gallen to the 12th-century pieces from the Parisian Abbey of St. Victor. Open to advanced singers.

Performance Practice Workshop

Rondelli Pluteo 29The Clerical Dance-Songs of Ms. Pluteo 29

(July 11-12 / 12 hours)
Vocal-instrumental performance of the clerical dance-songs contained in Ms. Pluteo 29 (13th century) with reconstruction of choreography. For singers and instrumentalists.

Instrument Making Workshop I

GuitternMaking a Romanesque Harp or a Guittern

(July 10-12 / 15 hours)
Construction of a Romanesque Harp (12th century) or a Guittern (13th century), guided by the master luthier Asier de Benito. Students keep the instruments they build. No experience necessary.

Instrument Making Workshop II

Medieval Square Frame Drum Making (Adufe)

(July 11-12 / 13.5 hours)
Pedro Manceras and Dr. Mauricio Molina will lead participants to build a square frame drum (adufe) and learn to play it. Students keep the instruments they build. No experience necessary.

At the University
of Lleida

July 20-27, 2020

Voices & Instruments Course

Medieval Parisian Music for Voices and Instruments

(July 20-24 / 30 hours)
Hands-on course dedicated to the study and performance different medieval Parisian repertoire (1100-1300) with voices and instruments. Open to singers and instrumentalists.

Medieval Singing & Performance Practice Workshop

Roman de FauvelLe Roman de Fauvel with Benjamin Bagby

(July 25-27 / 15 hours)
Study and performance of monophonic and polyphonic pieces from the famous early fourteenth-century Roman de Fauvel. For advanced singers and instrumentalists.

Performance Practice Workshop

Organum Improvisation: The Vatican Organum Treatise

(July 25-26 / 12 hours)
Study of the improvisational techniques of the Parisian Organum (polyphonic composition based on a Plainchant). For singers and instrumentalists.


Dr. Mauricio Molina

Course Director, Music Theory, Percussion

Cristina Alís Raurich

Assistant Director, Music Theory, Portative organ


Benjamin Bagby

Medieval Singing and Performance Practice

Katarina Livljanić

Medieval Singing and Performance Practice

Alejandro Hernández



Martí Beltrán

Citole, Guitern, Psaltery



Raúl Lacilla

Music Theory, Bagpipes, Frestel (Medieval Panpipe)



Jasmina Črnčič

Medieval Vocal Style and Technique




Claire Piganiol


Octavio Beltrán

Assistant of Percussion Program

Asier de Benito

Luthier, Instrument Making Workshop

Pedro Manceras

Luthier, Instrument Making Workshop


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