Instrument Making Workshop

| July 16-17, 2017

Frestel (Medieval Panpipe)

Gonzalo Pieters, Luthier
Raúl Lacilla, Medieval wind instrument specialist and researcher

Frestel Chartres Eure et LoireThe Frestel, or medieval panpipe, was a popular instrument among jongleurs and shepherds. It is mentioned frequently in fiction and songs and it is represented in the hands of earthly and celestial musicians in Romanesque and Gothic sculpture and painting. The study of archeological specimens reveal that the frestel was made out of a solid piece of wood to which holes were bored in. Although it was a simple instrument, it was capable of producing the most beautiful and enthralling sound.

The Frestel Building Workshop will give participants the opportunity of making their own medieval panpipe following archeological data and the iconographical model from the Cathedral of Chartres (pictured left). Students will receive the materials for the frestel and the tools for its construction. The workshop will begin with a survey about the instrument (literary, iconographical, and archeological data).

The process of construction will be comprised of:

  • The drilling of holes with tools prepared especially for the course
  • The tuning of the holes in a diatonic Pythagorean scale (F-d)
  • The shaping of the mouthpiece
  • The polishing of the instrument’s body
  • The ornamentation of the instrument
  • The study of how to play a simple melody on the instrument

Duration: 10 hours
Price: 200€ (all included)

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Building a Frestel (medieval bagpipe)