July 8-23, 2016

4 different programs and 2 workshops designed to immerse you in the world of medieval music performance

Besalú in July:
The Medieval Music Campus

Making music in one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval villages in Catalonia (Spain)

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Voices & Instruments Program
Carmina Burana

Medieval voices and instruments(July 11-15)
Study, reconstruction, and performance of compositions from the Carmina Burana collection. Open to singers and instrumentalists.

Liturgical Chant
Easter Plays (CB)

Medieval liturgical drama(July 9-10)
Study and performance of the Easter Plays, a liturgical drama contained in the Carmina Burana collection. Open to singers and instrumentalists.

Manuscript to Performance
Materializing the Song

Medieval jongleuresse(July 19-23)
For philologists, musicologists, and performers interested in exploring the discursive, aesthetic, and performative elements of the medieval monophonic song.

Medieval Languages for Performers
Intro to Medieval Latin

Medieval latin scribes(July 8-9)
Designed to introduce performers to the historical development, grammar, composition, and translation procedures of Medieval Latin.

Developing the Medieval Ear
Pythagorean Tuning I & II

Pythagorean Tuning(July 8-10)
For singers and instrumentalists to work on Pythagorean tuning in the context of monophonic and polyphonic music.

Special Workshop
The Conductus

Medieval conductus clerics singing(July 16-17)
Designed to give students insight into how the monophonic and polyphonic conductus were created and performed.

Medieval Music Besalú: An Immersion Course on Medieval Music Performance in a Medieval Town Setting.

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Interviews and performances from the 2013 International Course on Medieval Music Performance in Besalú.


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Dr. Mauricio Molina

Dr. Mauricio Molina Course director, music theory, medieval ensemble, frame drums, Manuscript to Performance program

Dr. Mauricio Molina is a historical musicologist and ...

Cristina Alís Raurich

Cristina Alís Raurich Assistant Director, Portative organ, From Manuscript to Performance program

Cristina Alís Raurich is a historical keyboard ...

Juan Carlos Asensio Palacios

Juan Carlos Asensio Palacios Liturgical Chant

Juan Carlos Asensio Palacios studied Chant and ...

Dr. Valerie M. Wilhite

Dr. Valerie M. Wilhite Introduction to Latin, Manuscript to Performance Program

Valerie M. Wilhite is a medievalist and Occitaniste who ...

José Pizarro

José Pizarro Voice, officium in mane, From Manuscript to Performance program

José Pizarro is considered at the present one of the ...

Lorena Garcia

Lorena Garcia Voice

The soprano and researcher Lorena Garcia studied ...

Alejandro Hernández

Alejandro Hernández Vielle, rebec

Alejandro Tonatiuh Hernandez studied modern violin at ...

Martí Beltrán

Martí Beltrán Citole

Martí Beltrán is an early music performer, ...

Claire Piganiol

Claire Piganiol Harp

Claire Piganiol is a harp player who specializes in ...

Dr. Mark Everist

Dr. Mark Everist Conductus Workshop

Dr. Mark Everist is Professor of Music at the ...

Conductus Singers

Conductus Singers Conductus Workshop

John Potter, Christopher O’Gorman and Rogers ...

Octavio Beltrán

Octavio Beltrán Coordination, assistant of the percussion program

Octavio Beltrán studied composition at the ...